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You will find at Dr. Lindblad's office, a delightfull blend of pleasant and outgoing personalities, modern equipment and procedures, and a wide variety of treatment options secondary to the advanced procedures, education and equipment available.

Dr. Lindblad is fond of saying, "...how can you have options if you do not have any choices." Dr. Lindblad is fond of saying he does not sell dentistry. When you are presented your options with respect to complexity, cost and longevity, it will be obvious that you are going to direct your treatment with your own personal choices related to cost and budget.



Directions from I-5:
Take Exit 76 (13th Street) off of I-5, head west onto SW Parkland Drive
Continue onto 13th Street
We're on the Right

Directions from Market Street:
Turn onto 13th Street
We're on the Left

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